3 Remodeling Project Ideas after De-Cluttering Your Home by Storing Offsite

At some point, maybe you will have enough time and money on your hands to transform your home as you see fit and turn it into the dreamy environment that you have always dreamed about.

Self Storage Units in Perth

As we speak, this goal may seem un-achievable given the enormous piles of goods that you have collected through the years. One may not even realize how many things they have gathered through the years, until they make a real assessment. Some things are just worth throwing away, as they have undoubtedly become obsolete, old, broken, out of range or just not useful anymore. Others, however can be reconditioned, or just reused when necessity presents itself. This doesn’t mean that you have to feel compelled to throw away everything that you can consider clutter. There are solutions for storing some of these in long-term rental facilities.

Fortunately, clutter is not a real obstacle that could intimidate you when you feel ready to upgrade your living spaces. Here are three home remodeling ideas that may appeal to you in case you’re thinking about renting self-storage in your area to clean, beautify, and de-clutter your property and add real value to your indoors and outdoors.

  1. Kitchen Remodels.

    Renovated KitchenAny honest architect or designer with plenty of expertise in his field of activity will tell you that deluxe kitchens seldom pay off. On the other hand, small yet incredibly practical and appealing changes, like a coat of fresh paint or new energy-efficient appliances should be seen as a safe bet. Gather your old appliances and deposit them inside a self-storage unit like the storage facility we used in Perth. Someday, you may find the right buyer for the household contents that you no longer feel comfortable storing inside your kitchen.

  2. Old Closet Turned into the Perfect Nursery.

    Couples who are expecting a baby strive to make the most of every single inch of space put at their disposal. This is why many families choose to turn old, unused closets into fairytale-inspired nurseries. Follow in their footsteps and ship some of the stuff that you have been keeping in your old closet for too long, including seasonal clothing and accessories, to a local self-storage facility. You can then reinvent the space with just a few basic costs that won’t break the bank for you.

  3. Reinvent an Old Room. Finished Room after renovations

    Did you know that versatile spaces with a neutral décor attract potential buyers like a magnet? Now you could count on the additional space ensured by self-storage in your area to convert basements into game rooms or luxurious, airy living rooms. Also, keep in mind the fact that attic spaces make extraordinary media rooms and craft rooms, given that they have high ceilings. By adding swings and open shelving, you could turn these unused spaces into practical and beautiful playrooms for your kids. Keep your options open by renting self-storage in your area from a well-known local provider and conducting the simplest home remodeling projects with ease.

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5 Steps to Take to Transform Your Self- Storage Unit into a Cool Art Studio

Accessible, cheap and easy to customize, self-storage units are a gold mine for artists seeking a private, secure environment where they could work, exhibit some of their finished pieces, meet potential buyers and organize their tools and supplies. Need another reason to rent self-storage space and use it as an unconventional art studio? Here’s one: all the cool kids are doing it! If you’re looking for ideas that you could pursue to make this rented storage space work for you and your artsy projects, here are five basic steps that you could follow to achieve the most stunning results.

Creative use of self storage

  1. Create Different Areas. Start by delimitating your space, using pieces of furniture or room dividers. This will help you separate your working space from the area that you’re planning on using to display your artworks and/or deposit your tools and equipment.
  2. Add In-Room Storage Options. Once you achieve the perfect layout, think about ways in which you could make your room look and feel more spacious and clean. Now would be the perfect time to breathe new life into old furniture pieces- you may actually find this task enjoyable considering that you’re an artist! Add a fresh coat of paint and new hardware to ancient cabinets and use them as practical in-room storage solutions inside your unit. You could make old shelves, coffee tables and desks serve the same purpose, so target versatile space-saving pieces that you could mix and match inside your rented space.
  3. Set up a Comfortable Office. Even if you spend most of your time standing up, you’ll want to design a cozy, chic office where you could invite fellow artists, gallery owners and potential buyers. For starters, bring a desk and an ergonomic chair inside your storage unit; you’ll use both furniture pieces for sketching and sitting.
  4. Customize Your Unit with Your Specific Needs in Mind. Before organizing storage solutions and furniture inside your rented room, factor in your most important space-related necessities and requirements. For instance, before designing an office that would occupy most of your available space, think about the fact that you’ll also need a spot where you cold store clays, brushes and paints, and another corner that will serve as drying rack.
  5. Decorate Your Unit. Last but not least, feel free to go overboard when it comes to decorating your space. Hang your most impressive masterpieces on the walls of your unit, and don’t hesitate to add a decorative touch to your room to turn your space into a more comfortable environment, and give your guests the opportunity to get acquainted with your work at a first glance.


Self-storage units are all the rage today, from the homeowners looking to gain more space on their property to businesses relocating their offices. Why not take advantage? Rent a feature-rich, secure Perth storage unit from one of the area’s most reputable providers, and work on the premium affordable space that you could call your chic art studio from now on.

The No-Fuss Guide to Hiring a Furniture Removal Company

Couple letting Moving Company fill truck with belongings

The rumors are true! Looking for a good removalist company is scary!  But here are some tips so you will be better informed and save time, money and stress on how to make the move less daunting. By hiring a good Perth furniture removal company, you can rest easy with your precious items.

  1. Shop around

What we mean is for you to do a little bit of research because it will be worth it. Ask someone who’s already hired a removalist, a real estate agent or neighbors. The big names don’t always guarantee the best service. A quick internet look will give you information about your choices. Read the testimonials, complaints, customer recommendations and ratings. You could also get a list of blacklisted companies by the accrediting bureaus or simply ask friends and relatives for testimonials on companies they have used in the past. For example, my partner and I used Crusader Removalists Perth when we moved to Perth years ago with excellent results and a better price than we expected going into the move. If you have friends that have recently moved, asking them for their opinion can be a great way to get a good results with less stress.

  1. Giving the details

Company workers moving heavy fridge with proper equipmentSo now you’re down to two or three companies to contact. Tell them why you need a removalist for your furniture. Ask for their specific services like pacing, loading, unloading and unpacking. You may want to leave the packing to the experts as some refuse to move your things if they did not do the packing themselves. This is to avoid damage by improper packing, inappropriate equipment used in packing. Ask about the vehicles they will be using during the move. What type of vans and make or model and what year. Newer vans are obviously cleaner with less chance of breaking down during the move.

  1. The estimate

Ask for the estimate of the whole move. This will give you a broad picture of how much to expect. Estimates take into consideration the weight of your items and the distance of the move. It is up to them to compute the amount of time required to finish the job. So pick one out now and give them a call.

When a representative arrives at your home, show him what pieces of furniture will need special care and packaging. Also mention about working with stairs, low ceilings and elevators. Ask about their license to operate and if they offer insurance and what it covers. While he’s there, ask for the company’s telephone numbers and name of the contact persons in case you want some clarification and maybe negotiate for a lower cost. A good removalist will be happy to give you a good and reasonable price.

Two People cheering while company moves for them

Do this with the other removal companies on your list then compare their services, estimates, duration of move and availability.

The day of the move

Now with the research you’ve just done, you should now feel more comfortable and confident about your removal company. It is now time to give the date of your move. Tell them when you plan to move so that they can give you a date for inspection.

Moving furniture is not really a piece of cake but it can be. With the right Perth furniture removal company, you wouldn’t have to worry about your precious items even that antique coffee table that grandma handed down to you.

Essential Roof Restoration Tips to Keep in Mind

Roofing Contractors standing on a roof

A roof restoration project isn’t fun and it usually isn’t cheap. It’s actually never cheap, so how do you know when it’s time to replace your roof? If you’re noticing wear and tear, loose shingles, leaks or discolored patches, you should consider some work done. But how do you know if you need a roof replacement or a roof restoration or repair job? Below are a few essential tips for you, a few signs to look for. But keep in mind that only a restoration professional will be able to give you a clear answer on the matter and do the right job you need.

The idea to write this post come from a good friend of mine who owns his own roofing company, Prompt Roofing. If you’re one of our loyal Perth readers and want an honest and reliable roofer for any of your repairs and renovations, count this as a 5-star testimonial for the services they provide.

1) Consider the Materials

If your existing roof is shingles or tiles, it can cost a lot less to simply repair a section of roof rather than replace the entire roof. If your roof is a metal roof, you need to pull up entire sections of roof and a repair isn’t possible for larger issues. Metal roofs have to be watertight and flashed with the proper materials. Any disruption to a section can weaken the watertight seal of the entire roof and an entire roof replacement is required.

2) Consider the Age of the Roof

If your roof is brand new or only a couple years old, it might just need to be examined by one of Santa Cruz’s top roofing repair companies. Repairs might be covered under warranty for any defects that may have developed. Brand new roofs, depending on the materials, can be warrantied and protected for up to 15-20 years after the initial installation. Keep all the paperwork and you could get a roof repair for free.

3) Consider the Previous Work Done

Roofing Tiles close up imagesA roof deck with shingles can have a new deck laid directly over the top. If you choose to repair a roof, a second layer can be added with minimal disruption to your roof. However, if a layer has been added in the past, a third layer cannot be permitted to be laid and the entire roof must be replaced. Check to see what works have been done in the past and check permit records in Santa Cruz if possible.

4) Consider the Price

You might just have your heart set on that brand new roof. When you consider the cost of pulling up the old materials, re-preparing the roof deck, and laying the new roof, you might have your heart set on saving some money. A roof repair might be just what you can afford, but also the only thing you need.

Stop before you proceed with any roof restoration work and consult a seasoned roofing expert in your area. They can advise you on your specific materials and situation. They have the right tools and can use the proper materials to do a really professional job. Your new or restored roof will look good and will last for many years to come. Know your options before going in and you’ll be miles ahead of anybody else.

Removing Concrete To Make Way For New Renovation Ideas

Melbourne Concrete Removal Services

When it comes to concrete removal i start to run the other way. Heavy lifting, loud noises and dust are all things I prefer to leave to the professionals. This post covers what to look for when you need to have some earth removed from your property, to make way for bigger and better things.

Choosing Between A Contractor Or Equipment Hire

Living in Melbourne and coming from New Zealand its clear that there is a large portion of D.I.Y renovators and landscapers in the community. Unlike me, the Do it Yourself community love to get down and dirty with some heavy equipment.

Doing it yourself

A good friend of mine, Jerry, is one of those people. Last month he finally got around to fixing his broken and crumbling driveway. After talking with an excavation expert (visit website) they advised that the driveway could not be salvaged and it must be ripped from the earth, and new concrete laid in its place.

While I would have said great, send me the quote, Jerry took it as an opportunity to have some fun with a bobcat much like the one in the video below.

From what I understand, a bobcat is an easy to use piece of heavy equipment and within a couple of hours, Jerry had completely uplifted his 15 meter driveway and filled the content into a couple piles ready for his hired concrete removal guy mentioned above to come and remove the excess.

Hiring someone else to do the job

Sometimes, its just not worth the risk doing it yourself. The following video shows some epic fails that bring this into perspective for those of you who are unsure, and maybe a little weary about your choice.

As you can see, not the safest of machines!

For the reasons witnessed above, most of us opt for hiring a concrete removal or excavation company to do our dirty work.

Picking The Right Company

Deciding on what company to use should come down to a few simple things:

  1. The cost per hour, or quoted cost for the job.
  2. The waiting time for the time to become available
  3. The number of reviews and testimonials that company has

Putting all these things together its easy to come up with a list of potential companies. To get you started, Brimbank Concrete Removal, the company mentioned in the link near the top of the page is a great place to start. They gave us tips and helped us out with hiring a bobcat when Jerry started inquiring about his driveway.

I have since used them myself to remove a patio base from our backyard. They specialize in bobcat services and can get into all the tight spaces. As long as there is a space of 1m for the equipment to pass through.


In the end, its down to your personal preference. I myself, as stated and made abundantly clear would steer far clear of any hard physical labor and feel good about finding a local contractor and providing them with some work!

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Room renovation? How to get your money’s worth.

Room Design

Designing your room is a luxury. Even simple things like deciding the color of the bedsheet are something that anyone would enjoy.  However, we can not deny that a complete room renovation or redesign would need a budget allocation.  And yes people, room design would cost you a couple of hundred of dollars to thousands depending upon what you requires for your room renovation. So, we should be aware if those spendings are going to be worth it. This article would discuss those spendings and point out things that you should know of in evaluating the way you spent your money for your next significant renovation, not just for your room but your properties in general.

Replacement of the main pieces of furniture inside the bedroom.

If you are doing a renovation for your room, you might be thinking that it will be an overhaul, everything would be replaced or trashed. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is not all the time. The good rule of the thumb is if you are going to be replacing something just for aesthetic reasons, try to do reconsider, think about it and prioritize stuff that needs replacement due to the reason that it can’t do its function as well as before. For example, a cabinet that needs replacement because it can’t handle all of your stuff anymore must be prioritized over replacing a metal table with a wooden one because you think that a wooden table would look better.


Renovation as maintenance.

Most of the time, you might be surprised regarding the cost of a good repair. Wood replacement, paint jobs and insulation are one of the expensive parts of it. You might be thinking that these might not be needed, but I am here to tell you that these things are always worth it. They are the kind of renovation that functions as an excellent maintenance and make your room or the whole house itself sturdier in the long run. A good paint job will protect the expensive lumber of your house; a few wood replacement will be better than having to replace all of them someday if all of them got infected with rot. Insulations will save you on electricity etc. Prevention is always better than cure.

Paying a specialist.

Sometimes, you just don’t want to think about anything else and just hire an expert. Well, if they are doing this kind of things for a living, they ought to be pretty good doing stuff like this. While this sort of thinking is right, but you still need to be careful. Some company will overcharge you if you are not careful. The easy tips for this are to try to find a trusted company, whether online or from your friends and compare their services. Good companies will always provide you a way to contact them for free. They would prefer that you make an inquiry so that they could show how better their expertise as compared to their competition.



When it comes to spendings, not just renovation, we need to do a proper research. This website, magazines and even a known expert is a good way of doing this. In my situation, before spending any amount, I always ask myself, is this spending worth it? Is this the best thing that I should be using my money for in this exact moment? If the answer is not an instant yes, take a moment to think about it.

Thank you for reading,  please do stay for future blogs that could help you out. We’ll even talk about different designs and each advantage in the future, stuff that an interior designer would charge you with thousands of dollars.