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Andrea RandallDesigning is all I do. There is something interesting about creating an art that is usable. I’m not saying that I have something against arts like painting, in which, other than aesthetics, do not serve any other purpose. I have deep respect for them, they have revolutionized arts one way or another, but its just my opinion that designs that can be useful is rather better. That may be the reason that I got stuck with room design.

Well, another reason might be due to the fact that there are days that I just lock myself in my room. I’m a social person, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes, the solitude of staying in your room, reading a book, or in my case, writing blogs and doing research is just a necessity that I can enjoy about twice a month.

That’s why I decided to start up this website. I need a place where I can put my writings, and I don’t wanna create the cliche blog or web design website though, I wanted something better. I came up with the idea of designs that put your identity as an Australian, and that’s the reason that my website is named Ur An Aussie. This website will talk about our identity as Australians.

However, maintaining these kind of website is impossible to be maintained by a single person, if these site wants to capture the essence of being Australian, it will need help from every Australian present. It’s nearly impossible to be done by a single person. So what this means is that every post or articles that you want to send to us is welcome, I’ll review it, and have it posted to our website as needed. You can use the “Submit Your Australian Story” for this. I definitely appreciate every help that I can get in advance.

If you want to read some information about me, what I can tell you is that I’m a good student during my college years. I am that typical roommate who can’t go to parties because I have to study for the upcoming test next week. I have a lot of friends, and I always try to volunteer to extra curricular activities if possible. Whenever I’m staying in my room for the weekend, I always hunt up some good blogs online. It has been my dream to create one then, so, you can say that Ur An Aussie is a realization of my little dream.

Anyway, thank you for reading, I hope that this information could be beneficial for you, always have a good day!

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