The No-Fuss Guide to Hiring a Furniture Removal Company

Couple letting Moving Company fill truck with belongings

The rumors are true! Looking for a good removalist company is scary!  But here are some tips so you will be better informed and save time, money and stress on how to make the move less daunting. By hiring a good Perth furniture removal company, you can rest easy with your precious items.

  1. Shop around

What we mean is for you to do a little bit of research because it will be worth it. Ask someone who’s already hired a removalist, a real estate agent or neighbours. The big names don’t always guarantee the best service. A quick internet look will give you information about your choices. Read the testimonials, complaints, customer recommendations and ratings. You could also get a list of blacklisted companies by the accrediting bureaus or simply ask friends and relatives for testimonials on companies they have used in the past. For example, my partner and I used Crusader Removalists Perth when we moved to Perth years ago with excellent results and a better price than we expected going into the move. If you have friends that have recently moved, asking them for their opinion can be a great way to get a good results with less stress.

  1. Giving the details

Company workers moving heavy fridge with proper equipmentSo now you’re down to two or three companies to contact. Tell them why you need a removalist for your furniture. Ask for their specific services like pacing, loading, unloading and unpacking. You may want to leave the packing to the experts as some refuse to move your things if they did not do the packing themselves. This is to avoid damage by improper packing, inappropriate equipment used in packing. Ask about the vehicles they will be using during the move. What type of vans and make or model and what year. Newer vans are obviously cleaner with less chance of breaking down during the move.

  1. The estimate

Ask for the estimate of the whole move. This will give you a broad picture of how much to expect. Estimates take into consideration the weight of your items and the distance of the move. It is up to them to compute the amount of time required to finish the job. So pick one out now and give them a call.

When a representative arrives at your home, show him what pieces of furniture will need special care and packaging. Also mention about working with stairs, low ceilings and elevators. Ask about their license to operate and if they offer insurance and what it covers. While he’s there, ask for the company’s telephone numbers and name of the contact persons in case you want some clarification and maybe negotiate for a lower cost. A good removalist will be happy to give you a good and reasonable price.

Two People cheering while company moves for them

Do this with the other removal companies on your list then compare their services, estimates, duration of move and availability.

The day of the move

Now with the research you’ve just done, you should now feel more comfortable and confident about your removal company. It is now time to give the date of your move. Tell them when you plan to move so that they can give you a date for inspection.

Moving furniture is not really a piece of cake but it can be. With the right Perth furniture removal company, you wouldn’t have to worry about your precious items even that antique coffee table that grandma handed down to you.