Removing Concrete To Make Way For New Renovation Ideas

Melbourne Concrete Removal Services

When it comes to concrete removal i start to run the other way. Heavy lifting, loud noises and dust are all things I prefer to leave to the professionals. This post covers what to look for when you need to have some earth removed from your property, to make way for bigger and better things.

Choosing Between A Contractor Or Equipment Hire

Living in Melbourne and coming from New Zealand its clear that there is a large portion of D.I.Y renovators and landscapers in the community. Unlike me, the Do it Yourself community love to get down and dirty with some heavy equipment.

Doing it yourself

A good friend of mine, Jerry, is one of those people. Last month he finally got around to fixing his broken and crumbling driveway. After talking with an excavation expert (visit website) they advised that the driveway could not be salvaged and it must be ripped from the earth, and new concrete laid in its place.

While I would have said great, send me the quote, Jerry took it as an opportunity to have some fun with a bobcat much like the one in the video below.

From what I understand, a bobcat is an easy to use piece of heavy equipment and within a couple of hours, Jerry had completely uplifted his 15 meter driveway and filled the content into a couple piles ready for his hired concrete removal guy mentioned above to come and remove the excess.

Hiring someone else to do the job

Sometimes, its just not worth the risk doing it yourself. The following video shows some epic fails that bring this into perspective for those of you who are unsure, and maybe a little weary about your choice.

As you can see, not the safest of machines!

For the reasons witnessed above, most of us opt for hiring a concrete removal or excavation company to do our dirty work.

Picking The Right Company

Deciding on what company to use should come down to a few simple things:

  1. The cost per hour, or quoted cost for the job.
  2. The waiting time for the time to become available
  3. The number of reviews and testimonials that company has

Putting all these things together its easy to come up with a list of potential companies. To get you started, Brimbank Concrete Removal, the company mentioned in the link near the top of the page is a great place to start. They gave us tips and helped us out with hiring a bobcat when Jerry started inquiring about his driveway.

I have since used them myself to remove a patio base from our backyard. They specialize in bobcat services and can get into all the tight spaces. As long as there is a space of 1m for the equipment to pass through.


In the end, its down to your personal preference. I myself, as stated and made abundantly clear would steer far clear of any hard physical labor and feel good about finding a local contractor and providing them with some work!

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Thanks again for reading and have a productive day!