Room renovation? How to get your money’s worth.

Room Design

Designing your room is a luxury. Even simple things like deciding the color of the bedsheet are something that anyone would enjoy.  However, we can not deny that a complete room renovation or redesign would need a budget allocation.  And yes people, room design would cost you a couple of hundred of dollars to thousands depending upon what you requires for your room renovation. So, we should be aware if those spendings are going to be worth it. This article would discuss those spendings and point out things that you should know of in evaluating the way you spent your money for your next significant renovation, not just for your room but your properties in general.

Replacement of the main pieces of furniture inside the bedroom.

If you are doing a renovation for your room, you might be thinking that it will be an overhaul, everything would be replaced or trashed. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is not all the time. The good rule of the thumb is if you are going to be replacing something just for aesthetic reasons, try to do reconsider, think about it and prioritize stuff that needs replacement due to the reason that it can’t do its function as well as before. For example, a cabinet that needs replacement because it can’t handle all of your stuff anymore must be prioritized over replacing a metal table with a wooden one because you think that a wooden table would look better.


Renovation as maintenance.

Most of the time, you might be surprised regarding the cost of a good repair. Wood replacement, paint jobs and insulation are one of the expensive parts of it. You might be thinking that these might not be needed, but I am here to tell you that these things are always worth it. They are the kind of renovation that functions as an excellent maintenance and make your room or the whole house itself sturdier in the long run. A good paint job will protect the expensive lumber of your house; a few wood replacement will be better than having to replace all of them someday if all of them got infected with rot. Insulations will save you on electricity etc. Prevention is always better than cure.

Paying a specialist.

Sometimes, you just don’t want to think about anything else and just hire an expert. Well, if they are doing this kind of things for a living, they ought to be pretty good doing stuff like this. While this sort of thinking is right, but you still need to be careful. Some company will overcharge you if you are not careful. The easy tips for this are to try to find a trusted company, whether online or from your friends and compare their services. Good companies will always provide you a way to contact them for free. They would prefer that you make an inquiry so that they could show how better their expertise as compared to their competition.



When it comes to spendings, not just renovation, we need to do a proper research. This website, magazines and even a known expert is a good way of doing this. In my situation, before spending any amount, I always ask myself, is this spending worth it? Is this the best thing that I should be using my money for in this exact moment? If the answer is not an instant yes, take a moment to think about it.

Thank you for reading,  please do stay for future blogs that could help you out. We’ll even talk about different designs and each advantage in the future, stuff that an interior designer would charge you with thousands of dollars.