Terms of Usage

Ur An Aussie aims to be a website that will support Australia and Design as a whole. In both aspect of this, we might be needing assistance from our site visitors. With that in mind, UAA as a whole set up these terms and agreement and be advised that these will be updated from time to time to keep up with our reader’s and site’s needs.


Information are minimally collected, and even if it is, it will only be used for our user’s convenience. It won’t be collected nor sold for profit. Information provided to us are considered your property and will not ever be posted or disclosed unless you provided us proper authority to do so. Submission of articles and you wanted to be credited are example of this. Giving us any info using the contact page doesn’t provide us the authorization to post this contact information.


Intellectual product of this website are created in collaboration with the owner and users. This will be considered property of UAA as a whole and not an individual. Sharing of these articles to social media is allowed as long as there is a follow back link. Copying the articles without the proper crediting is allowed. If you think that an article is not suited for your taste or view, please use our contact page so we can see if we can agree to something that can benefit both parties.


Any changes that will be done for this policy will be posted here. Please read from time to time to be updated.