3 Remodeling Project Ideas after De-Cluttering Your Home by Storing Offsite

At some point, maybe you will have enough time and money on your hands to transform your home as you see fit and turn it into the dreamy environment that you have always dreamed about.

As we speak, this goal may seem un-achievable given the enormous piles of goods that you have collected through the years. One may not even realize how many things they have gathered through the years, until they make a real assessment. Some things are just worth throwing away, as they have undoubtedly become obsolete, old, broken, out of range or just not useful anymore. Others, however can be reconditioned, or just reused when necessity presents itself. This doesn’t mean that you have to feel compelled to throw away everything that you can consider clutter. There are solutions for storing some of these in long-term rental facilities.

Fortunately, clutter is not a real obstacle that could intimidate you when you feel ready to upgrade your living spaces. Here are three home remodeling ideas that may appeal to you in case you’re thinking about renting self-storage in your area to clean, beautify, and de-clutter your property and add real value to your indoors and outdoors.

  1. Kitchen Remodels.

    Renovated KitchenAny honest architect or designer with plenty of expertise in his field of activity will tell you that deluxe kitchens seldom pay off. On the other hand, small yet incredibly practical and appealing changes, like a coat of fresh paint or new energy-efficient appliances should be seen as a safe bet. Gather your old appliances and deposit them inside a self-storage unit like the storage facility we used in Perth. Someday, you may find the right buyer for the household contents that you no longer feel comfortable storing inside your kitchen.

  2. Old Closet Turned into the Perfect Nursery.

    Couples who are expecting a baby strive to make the most of every single inch of space put at their disposal. This is why many families choose to turn old, unused closets into fairytale-inspired nurseries. Follow in their footsteps and ship some of the stuff that you have been keeping in your old closet for too long, including seasonal clothing and accessories, to a local self-storage facility. You can then reinvent the space with just a few basic costs that won’t break the bank for you.

  3. Reinvent an Old Room. Finished Room after renovations

    Did you know that versatile spaces with a neutral décor attract potential buyers like a magnet? Now you could count on the additional space ensured by self-storage in your area to convert basements into game rooms or luxurious, airy living rooms. Also, keep in mind the fact that attic spaces make extraordinary media rooms and craft rooms, given that they have high ceilings. By adding swings and open shelving, you could turn these unused spaces into practical and beautiful playrooms for your kids. Keep your options open by renting self-storage in your area from a well-known local provider and conducting the simplest home remodeling projects with ease.

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