5 Steps to Take to Transform Your Self- Storage Unit into a Cool Art Studio

Accessible, cheap and easy to customise, self-storage units are a gold mine for artists seeking a private, secure environment where they could work, exhibit some of their finished pieces, meet potential buyers and organise their tools and supplies. Need another reason to rent self-storage space and use it as an unconventional art studio? Here’s one: all the cool kids are doing it! If you’re looking for ideas that you could pursue to make this rented storage space work for you and your artsy projects, here are five basic steps that you could follow to achieve the most stunning results.

Creative use of self storage

  1. Create Different Areas. Start by delimitating your space, using pieces of furniture or room dividers. This will help you separate your working space from the area that you’re planning on using to display your artworks and/or deposit your tools and equipment.
  2. Add In-Room Storage Options. Once you achieve the perfect layout, think about ways in which you could make your room look and feel more spacious and clean. Now would be the perfect time to breathe new life into old furniture pieces- you may actually find this task enjoyable considering that you’re an artist! Add a fresh coat of paint and new hardware to ancient cabinets and use them as practical in-room storage solutions inside your unit. You could make old shelves, coffee tables and desks serve the same purpose, so target versatile space-saving pieces that you could mix and match inside your rented space.
  3. Set up a Comfortable Office. Even if you spend most of your time standing up, you’ll want to design a cosy, chic office where you could invite fellow artists, gallery owners and potential buyers. For starters, bring a desk and an ergonomic chair inside your storage unit; you’ll use both furniture pieces for sketching and sitting.
  4. Customise Your Unit with Your Specific Needs in Mind. Before organising storage solutions and furniture inside your rented room, factor in your most important space-related necessities and requirements. For instance, before designing an office that would occupy most of your available space, think about the fact that you’ll also need a spot where you cold store clays, brushes and paints, and another corner that will serve as drying rack.
  5. Decorate Your Unit. Last but not least, feel free to go overboard when it comes to decorating your space. Hang your most impressive masterpieces on the walls of your unit, and don’t hesitate to add a decorative touch to your room to turn your space into a more comfortable environment, and give your guests the opportunity to get acquainted with your work at a first glance.


Self-storage units are all the rage today, from the homeowners looking to gain more space on their property to businesses relocating their offices. Why not take advantage? Rent a feature-rich, secure Perth storage unit from one of the area’s most reputable providers, and work on the premium affordable space that you could call your chic art studio from now on.